In Our Library:

Loan department with reading room for children up to 15 years old

This department is adapted to suit preschool children and primary schoolchildren’s needs. The youngest have great choice of picture books, books, school readers, comics, encyclopaedias, handbooks, children’s periodicals, multimedia publications.

The whole holding is accessible and children can easily choose books, read comics, scan magazines. Children’s department has collection of social games which can be used in the Library .3 computers with internet access are also available.

 Work with children is based on respect and promotion of children’s rights, tolerance, motivating their creativity, developing communicative skills in a supportive way. Children have a good time and are provided with opportunity to participate actively through variety of programmes. In 2006 the Library created the programme Baš mi prija čarolija (We enjoy every minute of it)-workshops for preschool children, and the programme Radoznalica (Curiosity) intended for primary schoolchildren. Since then the programmes have been going on and are based on educative and creative content. It seems that library is becoming a place where you stretch imagination, learn and entertain. Games, which are of a vital importance for children, are being realized in the Library, on the very source of information.